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Mobility Batteries

Battery Size Guide


Guide to Buying Mobility Scooter Batteries


Most mobility scooters are fitted with AGM type, over 90% of all scooters old and new have this type fitted, AGM have been around for many years with a proven track record of reliability, performance and value for money


There are 3 main types of battery used for mobility scooters GEL, AGM and the newer technology Lithium, they all have there own specific benefits and downsides


GEL type batteries generally provide more cycles which means used correctly they last longer than AGM. GEL type batteries are less tolerant to incorrect charging and can fail prematurely (Less tolerant than AGM). They do perform better in extreme cold conditions although in the UK we do not generally experience more than minus 15 degrees. GEL are generally 20% more expensive than AGM


AGM type batteries are most commonly used in over 90% of mobility scooters because of their durability and value for money. AGM batteries are high quality and work at optimal capacity at a large range of temperatures. They work great for all high amp needs and have a very slow self-discharge rate (meaning you can leave one plugged in and you won't waste a lot of energy).


Lithium-ion are lighter and more powerful than their AGM / GEL battery counterparts. Lithium batteries charge much quicker and typically have around 5 times more cycles than AGM batteries, they can be left for long periods of time without use and will not sulfate. The cost is however significantly more than AGM / GEL which means you need deep pockets to afford large capacity lithium batteries. As with all new technologies over time the cost will come down