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BB Battery

BB Battery comparison chart shown below provides direct alternative batteries for hard to source or obsolete model numbers. These are direct replacements which meet or exceed the original battery specifications. Simply click the model number shown below to see the direct equivalent BB Battery. BB Battery Guide



Model Number
BP1.0-6 6v 1Ah
BP1.2-6 6v 1.2Ah
BP3-6 6v 3Ah
BP4-6 6v 4Ah
BP7-6 6v 7Ah
BP8-6 6v 8Ah
BP8-6V 6v 8Ah
BP10-6 6v 10Ah
BP12-6 6v 12Ah
BP1.2-12 12v 1.2Ah
BP2.3-12 12v 2.3Ah
BP3-12 12v 3Ah
BP4-12 12v 4Ah
BP5-12 12v 5Ah
BP7-12 12v 7Ah
BP7.5-12 12v 7.5Ah
BP8-12 12v 8Ah
BP10-12 12v 10Ah
BP12-12 12v 12Ah
BP17-12 12v 17Ah
BP20-12 12v 20Ah
BP26-12 12v 26Ah
BP33-12S 12v 33Ah
BP33-12H 12v 33Ah
BP33-12F 12v 33Ah
BP35-12S 12v 35Ah
BP35-12H 12v 35Ah