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Yuasa Batteries

Yuasa Battery are a leading global manufacturer of Valve Regulated Lead-Acid (VRLA) batteries. Yuasa’s extensive range of valve regulated lead acid batteries offers the widest choice of power source to meet most known applications including Security and Alarm systems, UPS systems, Emergency Energy Lighting and OEM electrical equipment.

Intamicro Yuasa Battery UK Supplier stock the entire range of Yuasa batteries. Yuasa are one of the preferred original equipment suppliers to many Manufacturers around the world. By producing batteries that generate more power, last longer, and require minimum maintenance. Continuous research and development, along with unvarying standards of manufacturing quality, will help maintain Yuasa's position as market leader around the world

Yuasa Industrial Batteries    
NPC - VRLA - Cyclic Use EN - VRLA - High Rate NP - VRLA - General Use
REC - VRLA - Cyclic Use ENL - VRLA - General Use NPL - VRLA - General Use
SLE - VRLA - Deep Cycle ENL - VRLA - Front terminal RE - VRLA - High Rate
SWL - VRLA - High Rate FXH - VRLA- Front terminal REW - VRLA - High Rate
SW - VRLA - High Rate NPH - VRLA - High Rate NPW - VRLA - High Rate