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Jump Starter Booster Packs

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Jump starter booster packs?

There are many methods on how to jump start a car. Jump starting a car with a dead or severely discharged battery can be done by supplying it with power from an external source. Traditionally, people have used jumper cables as a temporary connection between both vehicles and their batteries, however, jump starting technology has come a long way in terms of efficiency, safety, and ease of use.


The first innovation in portable jump starting came in the form of large, heavy, lead-acid jump starters. Lead-acid jump starters fixed several problems associated with jump starting, like the need for an additional vehicle. Even with the advantage of portability, lead-acid jump starters still pose the same safety risks as jumper cables, which require knowledge of the correct battery terminal polarity, and are often too heavy to be effectively “portable.” NOCO Jump Starter Guide

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  1. Jump Starter Booster Cables 700 Amp Heavy Duty
  2. Jump Starter Booster Cables 200 Amp Heavy Duty
  3. Jump Starter Booster Cables 400 Amp Heavy Duty

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